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The Importance of Creating a Start-Up and Hosting it

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This is the age of the internet and web and getting successful in a business is not possible without the web presence. For any start-up company, creating a website to promote its products and services is a must. A website is not just a platform to sell products, but it is a powerful tool to make the customers understand more about the business or the service you offer. Retail selling of products needs using eCommerce sites but for other businesses creating a web page is vital.
It is...

Factors to Consider When Looking Launching a Start-Up

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Virtually every individual has dreams of starting his or her own business. Only four or five percent of these small businesses still run after 10 years. Most of the new businesses tend not lasting for more than 5 years. The main reason is the lack of planning and the various things that they should have considered to start a small business. You can turn your desire into success just like that. It needs meticulous planning and approach that involves a lot of factors. If all the parameters are...

Tips on How to Increase the Sales of Your Start-Up

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The start-ups are often plagued with the issue of generating leads and turning them into sales. As an owner, you are very confident about your business and the products or the services that you sell. If you are confident about the product and your business, the one thing that is letting you down is the marketing part. If this is not done properly, then your new venture will never be a successful one.
The following are some of the tips that will help you to make more sales without...

Things to Look into When Naming Your Start-Up

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You may have a great plan to start a business. You might have done the market study and might have developed the prototypes and might have managed to raise the fund required to start the company. One thing that is as important as these aspects is the name of the start-up. Name is the identity of your business and it creates the brand image in people’s minds. Hence, naming the start-up is not an easy task. You need to look for the following before you start naming.
It Should Connect with...

Posting the right topics

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This post kind of ties in with the article of the Starting Content Article. Topics are a must for any forum, anyone who has ever been on a forum knows this. However, what topics should you create on your site?

When making topics, especially in the beginning of your site you MUST have the right topics. Most people tend to post generic topics that are on every other site "How are you today" "What did you eat" and...

Know who you're hiring!

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Something I've heard time, and time again is how webmasters hire people by applications, and posting hiring ads on other webmaster forums. Though this is 90% of the time a good, easy, and fast way to gain staff members, the 10% can cause more harm than good. When hiring people to your site, you never really know what their true intentions are. This means you could be potentially vulnerable to whatever they may or may not be planning. In this article I'll be mentioning WebGuruBB. What...

Do contests, free things, etc. help a forum/website?

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Yes, and no. I recently explained to someone asking if 'bribing' members is a good thing. Though the word Bribe has some stigma behind it, that's pretty much what Posting Contests, Free things for being active, etc. are. We just like to sugar coat it to make ourselves feel better. It's not a bad thing, nor is it necessarily a good thing.

The truth is, doing this sort of things has its ups and downs depending on what you're looking for.

Short Term:
Using this contests, bribes, free content...

Engaging Content & Replies

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No matter how big or small your website is, especially a forum your posts and replies should always be engaging. This is because no matter the size of the website you will have a period of inactivity. I've faced it a decent amount of times on my largest website, and will continue to face it from time to time. One way to decrease the inactivity is to ensure that every post you make is engaging, as well as every reply you make is engaging.

If you're...